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Renewed Noah’s Ark: Reviving a 20-Year Old Game

You may remember an old game called Super 3-D Noah’s Ark from the 90-s, so here it is again, renewed, bright and shiny. Noah’s Ark is Back! Just a few words about the game itself: Super 3-D Noah’s Ark is…

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Mysterious Team Behind the Creation of Gem Wars Attack of the Jiblets

The Team Behind the Gem Wars: Attack of the Jiblets

Having met a lot of game developers, we can never be tired of hearing their stories but this one who created the Gem Wars: Attack of the Jiblets is particularly different. David Nunez, Founder and Lead Game Designer of Queen Birdface…

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Cover Unifinished- An Artists's Lament

Unfinished – An Artist’s Lament Turned Into An Artist’s Delight

How can a game developer find a unique style and, more importantly, stay focused enough to keep perfecting it? In August of 2015 Andrew Hlynka, a university student (with some help from a teammate) released his third game called Unfinished…

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co op decrypted cover art

CO-OP: Decrypted – Creating Puzzle Games, Sans the Puzzlement

Everyone at least once in their life has played puzzle games, whether it was a shooter, an adventure or a role-playing game. Puzzle platforms appeared in the early 80’s and became even more popular in the mid-90’s, having later experimented…

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Outsoft's Global Mobile Game Development Market Outlook cover image

Mobile Game Development Through 2018: Our Forecast

As a software development service provider serving the game development industry, Outsoft is naturally interested in all things about games. This is why after reviewing the major trends in games we decided to put together a market research report on…

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Veterans of Game Development: M4 Tank Brigade

How Game Development Veterans Made the M4 Tank Brigade

War simulation game development never get old! Same goes for the creators behind M4 Tank Brigade, a WWII Tank Simulation game offering offline single player and online multiplayer combat with multiple armored vehicles where players start on early WW II…

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