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Game Dev Interview

Game Dev Interview: The Making of Dead in Bermuda

After about a year in the making, a new game called Dead in Bermuda is finally available on Steam. Daryna Dorogan of Outsoft, a fan of survival strategy game dev genre made famous by This War of Mine, has reached out…

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Salary in Ukraine 2015

Software Developer Salaries in Ukraine 2015

More and more organizations of all sizes are choosing to adopt a distributed architecture that allows them to outsource IT functions, with staff working in different places, at different speeds, on different projects, with relative autonomy from each other. Outsoft has…

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Saving Gaming From the Freemium Tyranny

It seems like every time there is a story about gaming monetization, more and more mobile games go the free-to-play, in-game purchase route. Still, when an entire episode of a satirical adult cartoon South Park is dedicated to exploring the…

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Meet Outsoft at EGX 2015

Why will Outsoft be in Birmingham, UK on the 24th to 27th of September, 2015? The world of gaming – from indie to big budget – converges on a British city where the Industrial Revolution had taken root to change…

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Outsoft Website Relaunch Cover Page

Why we Moved On From a Single Page Website

Always a work in progress, a newly expanded version of our website,, is finally here! A Longer Journey As a returning visitor to Outsoft you’ll notice that there are a lot more pages to explore around here. What exactly…

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Inside the Fastest Growing Mobile Gaming Markets

As mobile gaming markets matures, the combination of market size and growth places BRICs (Brazil, Russia, India and China) among the markets with the most promise for game developers. In dollar terms, the combined value of slightly over $6bn in…

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Why Game Developers Outsource

Typically outsourcing begins with a self-assessment of a company’s core identity that forms its unique competitive advantage, with the remainder of the work becoming candidates for vendors (or “service providers”) to perform cheaper or better. For game developers, core competencies…

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game market through 2018 cover image

Gaming On: Game Market Through 2018

Since the typical state of game platform landscape can be best described as “flux”, staying relevant and profitable makes it necessary for game developers to be on the lookout for new promising platforms and markets. While long-term market forecasting is…

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Game Development Sequel Strategy cover

A Better Game Development Strategy: Sequels (Really)

Sequels are Bad! Game sequels have a bad reputation and are usually received with much-deserved scepticism from the original fan base: think this year’s AAA sports game that is too similar to the previous version, but with slightly better graphics.…

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