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New smart messenger Google Allo: review

What do you think about messengers? To be honest, it’s variety today is a bit annoying. Viber, WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook Messenger, Hangouts, and these are just the most popular. The problem is that each of your friends / relatives /…

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design sprint

How to conduct your design sprint in 5 days

Every design team one time or another experienced crazy deadline conditions designing a new project. Short terms are something our Outsoft team is learning to deal with to stay on the market. We found our way to success by designing…

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Web design trends: summer 2016

How often have you been told that your site is out of style? Then it’s time to pay attention to your design. Web design is one of the most important parts of a website. With good design, a website not…

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Pokemon Go

You can catch ’em all with Unity

Game developers know all about Unity Technologies. After all, 5.5 million of them are registered on Unity’s platform. By comparison, Unity’s closest competitor, Epic Games, recently announced that their Unreal Engine is sporting 2 million registered users. Outside of the…

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kickstarter, crowdfunding, unity

Successfully crowdfunded upcomings made with Unity

Outsoft is always trying to be up to date of big upcoming projects on Unity. This post is about reviewing two successfully crowdfunded games developed on Unity that would be released in 2016. Torment: Tides of Numenera is an upcoming…

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game evo explores

Evo Explores: Interview with the creator

We continue keeping an eye on the latest news from indie game world. This time, we share the story of a young Ukrainian developer Kirill Kuzyk who stands behind a mobile game called Evo Explores. Introduce yourself and tell how…

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Unity game development

It’s easy with Unity

Game development has always been our passion here at Outsoft. We create games of any all genres, whether it be first person shooters, action adventures, point & click adventures, simulations, RPGs, strategy games — you name it! So recently we’ve…

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Minimum viable product by Outsoft

Minimum viable product: you don’t need all the features at once

Many startups make the same mistake: they have multiple features ideas, and want them all at once. However, the technical realization makes your product a monster that has no time limits to be developed. Oh, is it still not perfect…

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Game developers stories from Outsoft

Interview: Pains and Gains of Remote Game Development

When we met three guys from Scarecrow Arts, a multimedia production group that recently has released a fast paced, randomly generated hack ‘n’ slash adventure game The Story Goes On that has already received positive reviews, our story went beyond…

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