CES 2016: 7 Developments We Anticipate

With the winter holiday season over, what better way is there to spend the early days of the fresh year than being immersed in the world of consumer gadgets at CES 2016? This year’s Consumer Electronics Show, traditionally held in…

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Vlad Solodovnyk
5 Jan, 2016

CES 2016: 7 Developments We Anticipate

With the winter holiday season over, what better way is there to spend the early days of the fresh year than being immersed in the world of consumer gadgets at CES 2016?

This year’s Consumer Electronics Show, traditionally held in Las Vegas, is expected to be the most comprehensive thus far, pushing further the possibilities of the software-enabled hardware for fun, learning and virtually every aspect of the everyday life.

Technology Focus No Longer Possible?

Innovative products will appear in at least 25 categories at CES 2016, each with its dedicated exhibit area called a “Marketplace” (previously referred to as a “TechZone”). We’re expecting established as well as up-and-coming technologies to combine and evolve into new solutions, blurring the lines between Robotics, the Internet of Things, Cloud, Big Data, 3D Printing, Virtual Reality with the traditional mobile and stationary electronics with or without the screen.

Will the high consumer expectations be met or exceeded by the product and service providers from 375 startups within the Eureka Park to the TV and mobile giants like Samsung?

7 Developments in Tech and Ideas to Seek at CES 2016

With all the excitement and buzz building up, the marketing team at Outsoft decided to filter out the noise and instead focus on the noteworthy developments powered by software. Here are the trends and ideas on our watchlist:

1. Smart Watches Grow Up

After years of hype and dashed expectations, smartwatches are finally becoming a big enough market to merit their own product category. While still a part of the larger “wearables” universe, smart watches are the fastest-growing segment at 22% percent to the previous year. With 13.6 million units to be sold for $3.7 billion, this market is already substantial enough to merit its own ecosystem beyond the niche and the novelty applications.

2. Virtual Reality 2.0

Virtual Reality not only promises releases of several new VR headsets in 2016. The take two for Google Glass, as well and the fist steps towards ambient computing with the help of Augmented Reality-based solutions by giants like Sony and the specialized platform experiments by the likes of InfinityAR make virtual reality the next frontier of innovation in entertainment and productivity with the potential of being the next mobile market – with the implications for app makers and all consumer service providers.

3. Education as Gaming

Loosely related to the tracking and goal-setting obsession, the gamification trend is further reaching into education in general and the online learning specifically. Multiple other technologies are converging on education, with solutions aiming to make learning more interactive, more virtual and more physical in 3D, yet we are betting on clever uses of existing technology currently developed for the game app development industry, a nearly $100 billion behemoth (more about the industry in our report).

4. Digital Security as a Service?

So many bad things have happened in the area of consumer security in 2015 that the mention of the word “security” is enough to make most people cringe nowadays. With our lives increasingly becoming more digital we are hoping to spot a breakthrough or at least a few bright ideas for security products and services that solve more than one problem at a time.

5. Drones as Real Robot Helpers

Forget the creepy humanoid robots – it is the quiet rise of the toy-looking drones we should be following. With 2.8 million units to be sold in 2016 (149% more than in 2015) this nearly billion-dollar industry ($953 million, to be exact) has grown out of its garage stage and ready to hit the mass consumer market.

From farm crop surveillance to action video assistants, the possibilities for drone use have barely scratched the surface. Still carrying that GoPro camera on your head? The likes of Hexo+ will help consumers not only look less silly, but do much more.

6. Energy-Smart Devices

Before we get to the point where our robot helpers will auto-detect devices that are low on battery and need charge them, various remote and plug-in portable chargers will proliferate. We are particularly keen on low-energy IoT devices that can be powered by the ambient energy and power from non-grid and from renewable sources.

7. The Car as the Latest Mobile Gadget

With 125 automotive electronics manufacturers, cars are finally catching up to the smart device trend. From advanced laser scanners to voice recognition, the automotive intelligence solutions offer the promise of safer driving, easier parking and distraction-free interaction with the increasingly electronic gadget that a car is becoming. Even if the fully automated and driver-free car is still a few years off, the currently available technologies do have the potential to resolve the major and minor inconveniences.

Your Take on CES 2016

With all that’s planned for CES 2016 we are bound to have missed something important or noteworthy. Feel free to reach out to us about a software-related trend we’ve missed or comment below.

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