Google Inbox App Review

The First Look at the Inbox App The interface of Inbox is a great example of Google’s new Material Design and is in line with Android 5.0 Lollipop. It has the simplest icon-driven interface, which makes Inbox look like a…

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Alexandra Poperelya
25 May, 2015

Google Inbox App Review

The First Look at the Inbox App

The interface of Inbox is a great example of Google’s new Material Design and is in line with Android 5.0 Lollipop. It has the simplest icon-driven interface, which makes Inbox look like a personal app. And you know what? Material Design is not only for Google services or apps. It is a visual language, a single underlying system that was created for all android application developers. It’s like Google telling us “Join me in my simplicity. I’ll lead.”

On the other hand almost everyone else who’s written about Inbox, had a moment of frustration because of questions like: “Hey, where is the classic email app I have been expecting? Where are all the colors? And why can’t I change my theme? Why can’t I rename all of the categories? And the colors of the categories as well? And why can’t I resize anything? Hold on. Unread messages marked as bold? And that’s it, no other highlighting? That’s insane!” OK, you all want an additional menu and a sidebar and a favorites list and a header with some tabs and footer with something else and an ability to add a pretty kitty somewhere.

So are we keeping it simple or not? If not, great news – you can always switch back to Gmail.

But to be fair: everything listed above is actually true. No, you can’t change a thing, you can’t resize, rename or redesign. Google already decided everything for you. But, you know, mommy always knows what’s best for her kids. But back to the app.

Check: List or Mailbox?

Inside Inbox, our actual email inbox is automatically bundled into its own collapsed categories. Bookings, Payments, Shopping? They all have their own categories now. And even more: Inbox knows how unimportant messages look like and it will place them inside a Low Priority group automatically. Of course in spite of all the super complex algorithms, emails can be categorized wrong, but fortunately, like in Gmail, you can help Inbox fix that. And, obviously, Inbox will import all the filters for custom groups you’ve created in Gmail.

inbox_scrn_3 trvl

The main thing that is different from a regular email app is a way to cut down on email time. You’re basically dealing with a list and having this nice feeling you get when you cross something off it. The first thing I did with Inbox was swiping right all letters I had, and bam empty mailbox.

How messy is your inbox? Now your email inbox is basically a to-do list. Navigate it quick, add your own reminders and tap “check” or swipe right if it’s done.

inbox_scrn_1 swp r

Snoozing emails and reminders is something I was waiting from Gmail for a long time. We all have emails that we should read, but maybe a little bit later, right? Now you choose an exact time when it gets back to your Inbox, just swipe your message left and it’s gone for now.

inbox_scrn_2 swp l

Viewing photos and documents in a stream without opening an attachment is another thing that we all love.

Working with one particular message is suits me more, by pinning an email and adding a comment to it I can easily access in the future.

inbox_scrn_4 mn

All these features will save you so much time, that now you actually can have a normal meal instead of eating while you driving.

The Big Idea

Bottom line: Inbox is an app that cuts down on email time with all the pinning, snoozing or marking emails as done. Like Mike Elgan said in his open letter to Google Inbox “I wanted to hate you. I really did. But…”.

It’s free, it saves your time and it’s not like all other to-do apps that you try once and then close it forever.

And now let’s take a moment and think what Google’s main message was. How about “let’s form everything in a checklist”. I don’t know whether I have obsessive-compulsive disorder or not, but I can’t live without lists. Work, shopping, cleaning, reading, traveling, Star Wars collectible figures that I still want to buy. I use lists for everything and I can’t be the only one.

Want Your Own App Made?

So what system, application or a notepad do you have so Outsoft can transform it into a checklist? CRM systems, IT PM tickets solutions, all kinds of soft for reviewing stuff, social network feeds? Don’t you want to have an ability to mark as “done” any of that?

Let’s just do it, don’t worry we’ll help you.

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  • Funny how Google reinvents the email for picky checklist users – and then doesn’t give options for customizing the interface.


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