IoT Solutions You Can Buy Today, Part 1

According to IDC Research, the Internet of Things will create over $14 billion of value in the course of this decade. By 2020 most of the Internet activity will be generated by non-people, with approximately 5 billion people with Internet…

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21 Apr, 2015

IoT Solutions You Can Buy Today, Part 1

According to IDC Research, the Internet of Things will create over $14 billion of value in the course of this decade. By 2020 most of the Internet activity will be generated by non-people, with approximately 5 billion people with Internet access and 212 billion Internet-connected items globally.

The Future of IoT is Now

The future of connected devices is already here, with a number fo companies already competing in the nascent market of the Internet-connected devices.

This blog post is part one of a two post mini-series about the consumer IoT products that are available for purchase (or for preordering) already in the fist half of 2015. We think that the consumer market offers a taste of digital transformation to expect in virtually every industry and will be covering new developments as they emerge.

While many of the Internet of Things powered consumer products still seem like superfluous “solutions looking for a problem to solve”, they are useful indicators of possible commercial uses and upgrades to the non-smart products that can deliver tangible benefits. Consider the following examples not as products to put on your shopping list, but rather as inspiration for where the IoT applications can take current (and maybe even your) products or services.

The Connected Utensil


Does your fork come with an app? The HAPIfork does and it is marketed as a connected smart fork which encourages customers to adopt healthier eating habits by visualizing data about time of meals, meal intervals and frequency of “fork servings” via an Android and iOS app. Besides, this electronic fork will alert users with indicator lights and vibrations when they are eating too fast.

The Internet Cup

02 My Vessyl Cup

If you are so adamant about measuring liquid calories, sugar and caffeine intake to the point of agreeing to use a single container for all your beverages, then MyVessyl is your cup of tea. The container holds 13 ounces (385 ml.) of liquid and its battery will analyze all your beverages for 5-7 days on a single charge. The Android and iOS apps keep track of the daily intake, allow to set intake thresholds and notification levels.

The Smart Toothbrush

03 Smart Tooth Brush

Once you’re done eating and drinking, according to this particular manufacturer, it is high time to brush your teeth – intelligently! This electronic smart toothbrush by Beam is already surprisingly competitively priced at $29, indicating heating competition even in this relatively new market niche. The Beam Brush is positioned as a connected toothbrush that helps customers with their daily hygiene routine, gamifying the routine process and helping busy parents keep track of their kids’ brushing habits.

Smarter Grocery Shopping

04 Smart Egg Tray

The smart fridge egg tray called Egg Minder syncs with the shopper’s smartphone app to display you how many eggs are still in the tray and which ones might be going bad. While the tray requires batteries to operate, the idea of smarter fridge shelves may as well be adopted by the home appliance makers.

Smart Outdoor Grilling

05 Smart Propane Tank

If you have ever run out of propane in the middle of a barbecue party (or have feared you would) then you are the target user for the Smart Propane Tank propane tank gauge, which also happens to come with its own app. Grillmasters with a mobile app are now able to be always in the know when it’s time to grab a refill propane tank without having to return home to check the tank left at home.

Smart Diabetes Monitoring

06 Glucose Monitoring

Glucose monitoring for patients with diabetes is now possible with a phone powered glucose meter by Telcare. The meter comes with an app that that keeps a log of blood glucose levels, transmits real-time clinical data for secure sharing with the designated medical care professionals and provides instant feedback and coaching to patients.

When Smart Stands for Greener and Cheaper Energy Use

07 Smart Washing Machine

Home appliances are energy hogs, but cheaper power costs during off-peak hours can help consumers be green while saving money. When it comes to washing machines, the Indesit Company’s Aqualtis washing machine is designed in accordance with the IoT standards developed by the ZigBee Alliance. The app that comes with it mainly the Cost Awareness function that provides the user with the estimated energy cost based on the start time and washing cycle type selected by the user. The automated detergent dispenser prevents wastage.

Gamifying Savings

08 Smart Piggy Bank

The Smart Piggy Bank aptly named the Porkfolio light up every time a coin is inserted and wirelessly connects to an app that keeps track of the balance of inserted U.S. coins (holds up to $100 in quarters) and allows to set savings goals.

Smart Houseplant Care

09 Hydroponic System

An app-free hydroponic system called Niwa is advertised as the first fully automated hydroponic system for plants. It takes care of watering, feeding, heating, ventilation and promises optimal growing conditions 24/7. Perhaps not all “smart” tools need to be connected to an app to show results after all.

Smart Home Lawn Watering

10 Smart Sprinkler Control

The water efficiency controller Lono does actually come with an app that allows to control water sprinkler system from the smartphone. The system also monitors watering and adjusts to changing levels of precipitation, temperature and humidity, advertising water savings of 20% to 70%.

Smart Storytelling (is Interactive)

11 Fiction Arcade Machine

Ever wished you could change the outcome of a story you read? If you don’t mind reading receipt paper then the Choosatron has the potential to be one of your favorite story reading experiences. Fiction Arcade Machine The Choosatron is a fun kit that assembles into a small interactive fiction game box, great for social reading and playing. As you play, you make decisions that affect the outcome of the story, and is printed on a paper scroll.

Smart Home Security

12 Smart Home Security

The app connected to Canary Smart Home Security beams real-time video to the smartphone app every time the system detects something unusual and also allows to control the home siren system. The smartphone-enabled home security system is targeted to renters with the advantage being portability and no monthly payments after the purchase.

Treats For Your Home Alone Pet

13 Smart Pet Camera

The Pet Game CleverPet automatically dispenses treats when the home alone pet pushes the buttons of this automated dispenser with three large buttons in the sequence as they light up. The connected app keeps track of the number and frequency of treats dispensed.

Smart Color Changing Light Bulbs

14 Smart Lighting

The app for Hue wi-fi connected light bulbs by Philips allows to pick every shade of white light or any shade from the color spectrum. It also allows to match a color picked from a photo.

Smart Handheld Sensor

15 Analyze with NODE+

The handheld NODE+ sensor is so versatile it can analyze speed, acceleration, movement, direction, shock, tilt, magnetic fields, temperature. It is a ready-to-use detection device with a platform that is still expanding and searching for end uses, with current applications ranging from children’s forehead temperature measurements to industrial barcode scanning.

Smart Window Air Conditioner

16 Smart AC

The smart window-mounted air conditioner Aros claims to learns from customer’s budget, location, schedule, and usage preferences, promising to balance perfect temperature with energy savings. And of course it can be controlled via an app!

Smart Fitness Tracker

17 Bluetooth-Enabled Insoles

For fitness tracker fans who prefer to roam sans their smartphone a pair of smart shoe insoles like Lechal might just do the trick. Originally developed to keep the visually impaired on a safe walking path, this fitness tracker is also capable of alerting the wearer.

Smart Sport Swing Tracker

18 Swing Analyzer

For baseball, golf, tennis and softball athletes working to improve their swing, well there’s an app for that! Zepp is a multi-sport sensor that records a 3-D swing path and makes improvement suggestions via the app visualization.

How Outsoft Can Help Make the IoT Future a Reality

As you can see, the uses of the Internet of Things vary from silly to potentially lifesaving. As sensor costs continue to fall and battery technology improves it is difficult to imagine an industry that will be unaffected by the IoT advances. Feel free to contact Outsoft to help us develop a dedicated mobile app of any complexity – or even an IoT platform for a family of devices today to secure the first mover advantage in your industry. Even if you can’t think of any uses IoT can offer you, feel free to speak with us and we will help you imagine value-added IoT-enabled services you can start offering to your customers fast.

End of Part 1. Read Part 2.

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