IoT Solutions You Can Buy Today, Part 2

Think the Internet of Things is still a farfetched idea whose time is yet to come? Think again, because quite a few products and services can already be classified as IoT-enabled, or smart. This blog post is part 2 of…

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4 May, 2015

IoT Solutions You Can Buy Today, Part 2

Think the Internet of Things is still a farfetched idea whose time is yet to come? Think again, because quite a few products and services can already be classified as IoT-enabled, or smart.

This blog post is part 2 of a two post mini-series about the consumer IoT products that are available for purchase (or for preordering) already in the fist half of 2015 (read Part 1).

The Future of IoT is Now

Soon it will be nearly impossible to find an industry that hasn’t explored the use of smart embedded devices to improve processes, products and experiences. We continue exploring ideas from the nascent IoT-enabled consumer products not for novelty’s sake, but rather as a taste of transformation to be unleashed in virtually every product and service category. Not all of the products are truly transformational, but we are still in the early, experimentative days of the smart products era.

Smart Alarm Clock

19 Smart Sleep System

The Aura is a bedside light, mattress sensor and an app combo set that promises to optimize wake-up by sounding the alarm during the optimal phase of the sleep cycle.

Smart Model Airplane

20 Smart Plane

The smart model airplane toy SmartPlane gets its smarts from your smartphone, which it uses as a remote control activated via Bluetooth, which promises longer operating range and flight time. It may look like a garage project, but that doesn’t make it any less fun!

Smart Sensors for Non-Smart Objects

21 Sense Mother

The Sense Mother is a collection of sensors that can be attached to everyday objects at the head of a family of small connected sensors that blend into everyday life.

Smart Blood Pressure Monitor

22 Blood Pressure Monitor

The Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor Health Mate automatically launches the app when you use it. The app keeps track of measurements and allows to share the data via email.

Smart Indoor Airing

23 Smart Weather Station

If you are looking for a scientifically proven way to pick a time to air your home look no further! The smart indoor weather station Netatmo keeps track of indoor temperature, relative humidity and CO2 readings and reminds when it’s time to open the window and let some oxygen in.

Smart Home Automation Platform

24 Smart Slow Cooker

An electronics manufacturer Belkin offers a slew of products that are connected to a shmart home automation platform called Wemo. The platform features lightbulbs, cameras, coffeemakers and even slow cookers – all operated via a single smartphone app.

Smart Tennis Training

25 Smart Tennis Racket

The Babolat tennis racket looks just like a regular one, but in fact it tracks players’ game and compares each individual’s performance with the global ranking and by category within an online community and keeps track of personal records.

Smart Bike Riding

26 Smart Bike

What else would you expect from a smart bike? Valour by Vanhawks not only gives directions, reroutes to avoid traffic and tracks riding metrics, but also alerts the rider via handlebar vibrations about objects that appear too close to the rider in the blind spots.

Smart Garbage Can Management

27 Smart Garbage Cans

Smart garbage cans by BigBelly alerts come with a systems that allows to optimize waste collection based on the actual fill data, removing guessing from waste collection decision making.

Smart Baking

28 Drop

A connected scale Drop with a step-by-step recipe guide aims to simplify baking by providing assistance with recipes, directions, substitutions and shopping lists via an app.

Smart Pet Feeder

29 PetNet

A connected pet feeder Petnet allows pet owners to control dry food feeding and track intake manually or with an automated schedule. The app can also provide refill alerts and feeding confirmations.

Smart Outdoor Gardening

30 Smart Gardening

Bitponics is a subscription-based sensor system for outdoor gardens with an online gardening plan that monitors data on plants and conditions surrounding them and provides tips for better gardening. The free plan shares your garden data with the public.

Smart Cardiac Monitor

31 Smart Cardio

Perhaps we shouldn’t be surprised that even the medical devices like pacemakers are receiving a digital and networked upgrade. eCardio, of course targeted to medical service professionals, is a remote cardiac monitor for arrhythmia patients.

Smart Home Security, Continued

32 Smart Doorlock

The Genie Smart Lock is door lock that allows owners to lock and unlock home doors using a smartphone, a Bluetooth keyring or computer – all while keeping track of access log.

The Smart Ring to Rule All Drones

33 Nod

The Nod ring sensor transforms the wearer’s natural movements into commands. Advertised usage allows a more natural virtual world immersion and gesture control for drones and other connected devices. However, more manufacturers would need to start using the platform to make that vision a reality.

Smart Cardio Workout

34 Smart Socks

Sensoria sensors are part of running socks and gym clothing and Bluetooth to count steps, speed, calories, altitude and distance to keep track of the data via the app.

Smart Team Spirit

35 Budweiser Red Light

In Canada, Budweiser has partnered with the National Hockey League and sells Red Lights to hockey and beer fans. The lights go off and make a sound every time a user’s team scores. Connection to WiFi and an iOS app are required.

How Outsoft Can Help Make the IoT Future a Reality

As you can see, the uses of the Internet of Things vary from silly to potentially lifesaving. As sensor costs continue to fall and battery technology improves it is difficult to imagine an industry that will be unaffected by the IoT advances. Feel free to contact Outsoft to help us develop a dedicated mobile app of any complexity – or even an IoT platform for a family of devices today to secure the first mover advantage in your industry. Even if you can’t think of any uses IoT can offer you, feel free to speak with us and we will help you imagine value-added IoT-enabled services you can start offering to your customers fast.

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