Why we Moved On From a Single Page Website

Always a work in progress, a newly expanded version of our website, www.outsoft.com, is finally here! A Longer Journey As a returning visitor to Outsoft you’ll notice that there are a lot more pages to explore around here. What exactly…

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Vlad Solodovnyk
14 Sep, 2015

Why we Moved On From a Single Page Website

Always a work in progress, a newly expanded version of our website, www.outsoft.com, is finally here!

A Longer Journey

As a returning visitor to Outsoft you’ll notice that there are a lot more pages to explore around here. What exactly is new here? Here’s a quick summary.

Why we Re-designed our Site

When we first launched our single page website we thought that there wasn’t all that much to add to the fact that we offer the only two available business models of software development services (outsourcing and outstaffing) in a variety of in-demand technologies. Our website was responsive and beautifully designed – so why change?

Soon after the launch we had found out our clients wanted to know more details – a lot more, to be precise – so we started brainstorming about content that would add real value, without overwhelming our clients and visitors.
Tending our Garden

Website visitors have a limited attention span, so when adding more stuff (content, menus, features) we decided to remove a few images and details that had not been informative or useful to our visitors. We still use lots of images, but each is now carefully calibrated to be descriptive of the area or concept it describes.

Still Looking Great on All Device Types

If you’re reading this on a mobile device, you’ll no doubt still be pleased with the interface. While expanding our Expertise, Services and Careers sections, we wanted each section to be unique, but still look right on mobile devices. And we delivered!

Highlighted Services

Software development service providers often claim to be a full-service shop, or alternatively focus on just one thing, like quality assurance. We wanted to emphasize the fact that we don’t only ship code, but that we give special focus to project management and quality assurance, the “overhead” that in reality helps avoid the most common problems in software development: cost overruns and delayed launches.

This is why User Interface Design, User Experience Design, Quality Assurance and Testing are all listed as separate service areas, but are in reality part of the Global Sourcing and Software Development portfolios.

Expertise Focus

Our clients are fairly diverse, so in the past we just used “Software Development” and most associated technologies. We now have taken the risk and chose the Internet of Things, Big Data and Cloud as our core competencies, all relating to Mobility, Games and Gaming, E-Commerce and the Web in general. This, we feel, doesn’t limit us to specific technology stacks and tools, while it does provide some useful points of reference about the value-added expertise we offer. These sections will be especially useful to those of our clients who seek not just to create additional lines of code, but to enable a digital transformation of their businesses.

Partner Area

You may have noticed a number of Partners in the areas of Cloud, Big Data and the Internet of Things areas. We’ve standardized our partnership program and better highlighted the program’s benefits on the Partnership page. Also, as an advantage of a layered website, we have given each of our partners their own page URL with a description of the value of the partnership.

Careers Page

Our Human Resource department grew, and with it it’s appetite: although the job challenges and our work environment were fairly easy to describe, the actual description merited its own place on our website, so we complied. Besides listing our openings, we highlighted the work environment and the benefits we offer to our current and prospective employees.

A Work in Progress

What you see now, and what’s been outlined above, is all a work in progress and a result of hard choices we had to make to eliminate the scope creep. The list of features and content is much longer than the one we have already implemented, but we are constantly working to make our now sprawling website to sprawl ever further.

We think hard about the customer experience first, and the company needs second. As we continue to iterate we would love to hear what you think of our progress over the coming months.

Things that we are considering for the future release include:

  • a context-sensitive navigation that responds to the visitor journey and suggests the steps the user might want to do next and suggests which content they might be interested in
  • a site-wide search that is unobtrusive yet comprehensive of pages, blog posts, infographics, case studies, presentations and specialized landing pages
  • a general performance optimization to load content faster, with a better hosting in a combination with a content delivery network solution
  • a new events section, covering conferences, expos, hackathons that we organize, exhibit at, speak or just attend
  • more in-depth content for the existing sections

And of course we will continue to bring you original insights and helpful tips on our blog!

he Results

We’ve worked hard on re-imagining our visitors’ experience, so we were eager to see to what effect our efforts have succeeded.

So What Happened?

Our customer satisfaction metrics and our tracking mechanisms mostly operated on quantitative insights (engagement metrics, funnels, conversion goals) along with reporting of both positive and negative feedback.

The site is already better received, with a session duration increase of 2 minutes on average! Visitor feedback has also been very good, with clients requesting even more features and in-depth content, as well as a better-customized user experience. Visit engagement and traffic volume increased, with the number of contact requests nearly doubling.

What we Learned

Looking at these encouraging results, moving on from the one page design had been the right decision, with improvements in both organic search traffic from better SEO ranking and better user engagement fueling more leads.

The qualitative element of analytics have proven somewhat relevant, as the actual site metrics have noticeably increased. Since we have heard requests for ever more content we’ll continue with the challenge of balancing the simplicity with content depth and relevance.

Please explore the new site, make yourself at home, tell us what you like, tell us what you don’t like – and we hope that you enjoy the new experience! Also be on the lookout for a few creative and interactive features which we are planning on releasing very soon.

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