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Game developers stories from Outsoft

Interview: Pains and Gains of Remote Game Development

When we met three guys from Scarecrow Arts, a multimedia production group that recently has released a fast paced, randomly generated hack ‘n’ slash adventure game The Story Goes On that has already received positive reviews, our story went beyond…

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Forever Humble PDX

Interview with the CEO of Forever Humble PDX: Raising Stars and Making Stories

Whether you’re a teenager or someone who already has teenagers of your own, age means nothing when you’re a developer. Funny thing is we recently interviewed veterans of game development and now we’re going to write about guys from Forever…

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Dungeoncraft Game Cover Art

Dungeoncraft: the interview with the creator Andreas Gritzan

Millions of people around the world love playing strategy games. If you’re wondering why, think about gamers who enjoy playing god with unlimited powers over their own territory, developing it, expanding it and conquering new territories. Strategy games often provide…

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