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World’s stock of available data doubles every two years - and so the capabilities of most enterprises must expand to accommodate. Outsoft’s professionals are skilled in helping forward-thinking companies access cloud efficiencies to meet any IT infrastructure challenges that may materialize.

Outsoft’s technology professional are platform-agnostic, meaning they do not have a preference for a specific technology platform, but are rather attuned to the particular advantages of each. We work with the most common PaaS service providers like the Amazon Web Services, Windows Azure, Google Cloud Platform, as well as private secured cloud platforms like the Ubuntu Elastic Cloud.


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Amazon Web Services

The oldest and the most prominent player by market share in cloud services, Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a web-based public cloud computing platform operated by since 2006. While the key services include Amazon EC2 (computation capacity) and Amazon S3 (data storage), AWS has since expanded the cloud offering to include analytics, application, and deployment services.

Outsoft AWS professionals are skilled in setting up, maintaining and supporting enterprise cloud infrastructure for web and mobile applications, data processing and warehousing, storage, archive, and many others. Achieve savings and time to market that’s much faster as compared to building a dedicated physical server farm.

Windows Azure

Open for business since February 2010, Windows Azure is a cloud computing platform and infrastructure service owned by Microsoft. It is particularly well suited for enterprises already comfortable with Microsoft technology stack as well as for hybrid cloud deployments. The service currently provides both Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) and Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) environments and support a variety of programming languages, tools and frameworks from within the Microsoft stack and beyond.

Outsoft’s Azure professionals are not only focused on creating applications, but are rapidly gaining experience in post rollout infrastructure support with the help of the recently released templates that include Virtual Machines, Virtual Networks, Availability Sets, Network Interfaces (NICs), Storage Accounts, Load Balancers, Network Security Groups, Public IPs and others.

Google Cloud Platform

Tracing origins to the Google App Engine PaaS, a low degree of choice platform, the Google Cloud Platform now offers products that have a wider range of solutions, such as the Google Compute Engine IaaS. The Google Cloud Platform now offers developers services that go beyond the raw compute power and storage.

Google Cloud Platform consists of hosting and computing, storage, networking, support, big data and analytics blocks that allow to run a variety of applications - from simple websites and online multiplayer games to big data analytics engines. Building on the Google Cloud Platform Google offers the advantage of access to one of the largest and most advanced computer networks as well as some of the most technologically innovative products.

Ubuntu Elastic Cloud

Ubuntu is not just the world’s most popular operating system for OpenStack, but one that can be hosted in the cloud or on private hardware. The Canonical Distribution of Ubuntu OpenStack allow to configure and build a private cloud on virtually any server hardware faster and with optimal resource allocation. Outsoft will be happy to explore the various cloud architecture options and offer expertise on building, managing and expanding the functionality of your Ubuntu cloud.

Outsoft as Your Cloud Partner

Let Outsoft help you expand your hardware-based network services infrastructure into a secure, scalable and reliable cloud-enabled, future-proof hardware independent PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service) and Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) networks.

Contact Outsoft about making your data more valuable and actionable for a bold, new future-proof architecture for your business today.

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