About Us

Outsoft is an American software development service provider for great IT businesses of all sizes worldwide.
We provide access to some of the world’s top software engineering talent from our R&D centers in Ukraine.

Our Story

Founded in 2014 by a team with decades of experience in strategy consulting and software development in the USA and Europe, we have since expanded our IT services provision worldwide. We provide software development outstaffing services and work closely with our clients’ software development teams to ensure that the products envisioned exceed expectations when finalized and delivered.

Focus on In-Demand Technology

We help our clients deliver quality code from day one due to our developers’ vast experience in line-by-line hand crafting of complex code-based solutions in a variety of technology stacks and platforms. Our engineering teams specialize in full cycle software development for web and enterprise applications, cloud technology, mobile applications, with project management and quality assurance.

Business Engagement Models

Experts agree that a transition to borderless workforce will come slowly over the coming few decades to help companies bridge the talent gaps across the vast majority of IP-based businesses.

Outsoft already offers such an option with a team extension engagement model. We combine the services of a headhunting agency and an outstaffing firm, bringing you hand picked in-demand IT workforce to accelerate your innovation and time to market cycles. We offer total transparency in costs and processes, while delivering our clients an extension of your in house software development team. We strive to extend your engineering capabilities that still exceed your talent standards, development environment and work ethic.

For shorter, project-based engagements we offer capable engineers on an hourly basis on time and material of fixed-cost basis.

Join the ranks of some of the most innovative software product companies in the world. Contact us and allow us to help you grow your capability in high-end software engineering services and complex technical challenges.


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