Global Sourcing

The convergence of mobile, analytics, context-rich systems, and the cloud, together with an explosion of information, holds the promise to make companies of all sizes in every industry more effective and efficient. For most of these projects, however, there is a catch: getting access to technology requires working with a specialized technology.

At Outsoft we help both tech and non-tech companies get access to specialized tech talent based on the specific needs of that moment and with a limited financial commitment. Obviously this is good news for IT department heads and top management. But also due to the number of customers, this is a surprisingly good system for many software engineers too, in particular those with highly-sought-after skills. Given that there are only a limited number of proven, reliable specialists for any given task, Outsoft enables technology implementation teams to come together quickly, with strict deadlines and no long-term financial commitments.

We know how painful it can be to fill tech openings for the right technology - especially when you need it urgently. Outsoft specializes in offering its clients dedicated software development employees (and even entire teams) that allow companies to scale internal software engineering resources on demand. Sourcing talent via this model not only provides cost savings, but also delivers the needed expertise just and time and allows to align the IT resource capacity with project needs.


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The Outsoft Approach to Sourcing

Outsoft works closely with various client stakeholders to get the full picture of expertise and scope required. Taking full advantage of global sourcing requires knowledge transfer and mutual process definition with the outsourcing partner. In order to make such cooperation with our clients effective and reliable from the start, Outsoft relies on the proprietary customer enablement process that ensures the professionals supplied by us are deeply integrated into our clients’ business processes.

We pay special attention to laying down groundwork agreements such as sprint duration, scrum meetings, expected documentation level and definitions of process stages and when they are done. Daily communication during remote work is supported by using video conferencing and Skype. For projects over 3 months we encourage regular on-site visits by team members to the customer location and vice versa in order to strengthen the relationship and understanding of the business goals.

In the course of each business relationship Outsoft contractually guarantees:

  • Assessment of each of the remote team member and their qualification
  • 100% dedication of all team members to one specific client / project
  • Lowest possible staff turnover
  • Most attractive financial terms for long-terms commitments

Technical Competence (Tools, Technology and Platforms)

We enable our customers to tap into the pool of global resources allowing them to implement complex software development projects with highly motivated, competent and effective teams.

We offer access to deep expertise in all popular technological stacks, a wide variety of platforms, programming languages, databases, and software development technologies:

  • Java, Scala
  • C, C++, C#, .NET
  • Native mobile development: iOS (Objective-C), Android
  • HTML5, CSS, jQuery, AJAX, XML, XSL; JavaScript, VBScript, CS-Script
  • PHP, Perl, Shell scripting & PowerShell

Outsoft’s experience with global sourcing enable us today to deliver consistently high quality services to our customers for every type of engagement.

A Bigger Talent Pool With Outsoft

Access in-demand talent by having Outsoft headhunt the software developer - or an entire team - experienced with technologies and industry verticals that are relevant to you. Speak with an Outsoft rep today for a complimentary needs assessment with a total cost of ownership budget of your own software development center in Europe's largest tech talent capital.

Outsoft’s software development teams on project or long-term engagements run across the full spectrum of software product development from ideation to core engineering, extension, iteration and support.

Using proven tools and processes for maximum transparency and productivity Outsoft’s globally sourced software development team can become a flexible extension of in-house software department as well as a partner in your product innovation.

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