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Which Programming Language Should You Learn? The Infographic to Code It All

Infographic on Programming Languages: Which One Should You Learn?

Looking to learn how to code, but not sure where to start? We found an excellent infographic on programming languages explaining the ways they differ that can help you decide which path you should take to master your career in IT. As…

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Salary in Ukraine 2015

Software Developer Salaries in Ukraine 2015

More and more organizations of all sizes are choosing to adopt a distributed architecture that allows them to outsource IT functions, with staff working in different places, at different speeds, on different projects, with relative autonomy from each other. Outsoft has…

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The neurology of gaming

Cognitive Effects of Gaming – Is It Time To Stop Ignoring Them?

Game developers put their heart and soul into making their games stand out, creating them to be enjoyable, competitive and fun. Yet the more nerve-wracking and violent a game is, the more popular it tends to get, engaging new fans…

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Map of Ukraine

Best Global Gaming Companies with Research and Development Centers in Ukraine

According to Bloomberg’s 2015 ranking of the world’s 50 most innovative countries, Ukraine confidently took 33rd place achieving one of the highest performance index in Education category which measures the education levels of a country’s workforce. It climbed to the…

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Starting Your Own Unity Development Team In Ukraine

Games may be fun, but the business of making games is fiercely competitive. In an effort to recoup investments – and make more players happy in the process – many creative studios are considering deployment on device types simultaneously with…

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Inside the Fastest Growing Mobile Gaming Markets

As mobile gaming markets matures, the combination of market size and growth places BRICs (Brazil, Russia, India and China) among the markets with the most promise for game developers. In dollar terms, the combined value of slightly over $6bn in…

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IoT 2020 Infographic cover

Internet of Things: Potential, Hurdles and Current Uses (Infographic)

The Disney World and FedEx are among the many – and growing – users of the IoT technologies that boost revenues, increase efficiencies, unlock savings and generally benefit companies, governments and individuals all across the world. As of 2013 there…

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Fun Facts For the Fourth Infographic by Outsoft Preview

Fun Facts For the Fourth (Infographic)

As a tribute to the Fourth of July 2015 Independence Day Weekend, the team at Outsoft has scouted a few fun facts about the holiday’s most prominent activities. Most Americans will drive eye-popping distances to join the rest of the…

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outsourcing infographic cover

Software Development Outsourcing Trends for 2015

You may have read a CIO Magazine article on the outsourcing trends in 2014 or before. In 2015, KPMG’s annual outsourcing services survey as usual highlights the most pressing issues in the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) sourcing area, but…

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