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Outsoft is a software development service provider for game studios, gaming and sport betting companies, helping our clients create more entertainment and profits. We help create premium, innovative games which captivate and entertain end users and make them available on multiple platforms to maximize revenue potential.

We provide access to the most talented and experienced specialists enabling us to deliver quality game and gaming projects rapidly. Join other successful game companies that have entrusted us with creating or growing their most valuable assets – their games.


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Smart Devices

Outsoft creates a dynamic information network consisting of connected RFIDs, sensors, actuators and other instruments and smart appliances. Our capabilities allow us to connect fragmented sets of hardware, firmware, cloud back-end, big data and analytics, mobile and web front-end platforms. Outsoft focuses on the mobile and web front-end for smart devices on the Apple (Homekit), Google (Nest), Samsung (SmartThings), GE (Wink) and other major platforms.

Application Middleware

The challenge of integrating devices from different vendors into a single system operating seamlessly the united whole is where custom application middleware comes in. Outsoft works with the major middleware providers that connect and manage device networks in the cloud.

Our service range includes a complete set of IoT middleware products from the application platform runtime stack, tools, SDKs to a highly advanced remote provisioning platform. We help in reducing the cost and complexity of connecting and remotely servicing the products of leading device manufacturers and service providers. Our customers use our software solutions to deliver innovative M2M solutions, apps and services for the smart home, smart enterprise, e-health and other scenarios.

Data Analytics Software

Networks of IoT devices are notorious for generating large quantities of data very quickly, increasing the need for better data indexing, storage and processing. The more dynamic, heterogeneous, imperfect, unprocessed, unstructured and real-time data cannot be effectively evaluated in the same way as the typical business data is usually handled, demanding a much more sophisticated, IoT-specific analytics algorithms for pattern recognition, event classification, behavior/routine learning and anomaly detection, activity recognition, object tracking clustering to make this data meaningful.

This is where specialized analytics software solutions can help uncover insights, generate actionable new information that had been previously not possible to obtain, monitor complex environments, make more accurate predictions and optimize business processes and operations.

Outsoft helps solve the key problems in IoT analytics, data management and visualization saving the time, expertise and expense of building the components themselves. Let us help increase product value and enable applications that integrate easily with existing sensors, network infrastructure and end-user applications, delivering additional context and value to the end user.

Smart Devices

Application Middleware

Data Analytics Software

What Every Business Can Get Out of IoT

We have helped a number of clients to improve existing IoT solutions and to build entirely new software based on an extensive library of open source code. Let us help you decrease time to market and unnecessary financial commitments by allowing you to focus on what really counts - your product and its market fit. Feel free to describe your IoT challenge to us by submitting a request via our contact form or email us directly to

Big Data

Cloud Technology

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