Mobile Software Development

“Mobile phones have shifted behavior.
Companies now have to catch up.”

— Brian Boland, VP of Ad Tech, Facebook —

“2015 is, more than anything else,
the year the smartphones and mobile tablets will
be used more than all other devices in the market,”

— Onuk, CEO, Thunderbolt Studios —

There are very few areas of activity where Mobile technology can’t play a key role. Individuals and businesses have already identified a multitude of ways to improve existing processes, to allocate spare resources more efficiently and to deploy capabilities with much better precision and impact the sharing economy and on-demand e-commerce businesses. Large on-demand applications such as Uber, Lyft, Amazon Fresh, InstaCart, Curbstand, Postmates, etc. continue to grow and inspire new on-demand platforms, yet the greater potential within enterprises still remains largely untapped. Mobile platforms are also key to the broader IoT universe in areas such as the smart home/smart building and wearable computing markets.

Here at Outsoft our mobile development project managers are always happy to discuss the merits of creating native apps versus going with a cross-platform solutions for your specific need. Every business has its own priorities, and based on yours - and our Mobile Team’s years of experience creating apps for iOS and Android as well as with the major cross-platform ecosystems. We guarantee to advise you on the best choice to meet all of your stakeholders’ key needs.


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Native App Development

The native app development approach can be a better choice due to generally faster code execution, greater ease and speed of new feature addition (gesture control, multi-touch and geo-location tracking) as well as third-party tool integration for things like analytics, crash reporting and testing. Additionally, the differences between iOS and Android UI and UX conventions, look and feel and (perhaps most importantly) platform user tastes are easier to accommodate with native development on each platform. The unified code and design collateral offered by the cross-platform development frameworks is usually not optimal for every platform due to screen dimension differences.

iOS Platform

The ROI of iOS user spending power, cost of development and time to market for native iOS apps is optimal compared with other mobile operating systems, making the native iOS platform attractive both for software developers and publishers. Outsoft’s iOS developers have successfully delivered iOS products and are part of the iOS community where they share the latest developments for the evolving UI/UX standards, security features, e-commerce functionality and third party tools.

Outsoft’s offerings range from the relatively simple database content apps that help keep the customers of Churchill Capital informed of financial markets developments to full-feature mobile e-commerce platforms like Carousell, often called “the eBay for smartphones”.

Android Platform

Outsoft employs several software developers who have dedicated themselves to the Android platform from the beta release of the Android SDK at the end of 2007. A large variety of Android devices has entered the market since. The cost and complexity of design layouts is a function of screen sizes for which the UI is optimized for: the greater percentage of devices the app aims to serve, the more advantageous native Android app development becomes as compared to cross-platform solutions.

As a leader in terms of the user base size and growth, the Android framework is a popular companion to iOS apps or as a platform of first choice. Outsoft’s Android software developers craft applications that meet a variety of challenges on both the consumer and enterprise market.

Cross-Platform Development

The standard-based web technologies offer the potential to bridge web applications and mobile devices and allow companies to offer an app on major platforms without investing into several different ecosystems. As a result, cross-platform development can seem attractive to publishers due to potentially reduced development cost, but that isn’t always the case in reality.

The one area where the cross-platform approach can be a good choice is in mobile gaming. Outsoft’s game developers use Corona and Cocos2d-x SDKs, which make it easy to add physics to 2D games with the underlying engine built around Box2D. We also have developers on board who are skilled in Unity, a powerful game development platform with tools and rapid workflows that enable interactive 3D games.

However, we do not recommend cross-platform development for apps that require ongoing improvements to the user experience, extensive access to APIs (this applies to most enterprise apps) and apps apps that prioritize performance above all.


A Microsoft-integrated platform with pre-built components, UI controls, plugins and web services allows creating native iOS and Android apps using Visual Studio. Xamarin allows one to leverage the entire Microsoft ecosystem and is a great tool for enterprises that actively use the Microsoft technology stack in their IT infrastructure.


Unity3D is the premier engine and set of tools for developing games across mobile (Android, iOS, Windows Phone), desktop (Windows, OS X) and the web. The platform can be used both for simple and involved mobile or desktop games.


The Marmalade framework is a cross-platform SDK best suited for multimedia content for the smartphone, tablet and Smart TV. Marmalade supports fully native apps with C/C++ and supports the C/C++ standard libraries. Outsoft’s software developers have extensive experience with Marmalade in creating apps for mobile devices on iOS and Android, as well as SmartTV platforms by LG and Samsung.

Native App Development

Cross-Platform Development

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