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Growing Together

There is power in partnership

No single company can address the needs of every customer, but together we can improve the way businesses get access to tech talent. Together we can help!

The result is a new value proposition: consumers get more personalized, flexible service, and more customer interactions are monetized.

In the case of software development augmentation, various options let customers save in a number of ways. They are offered either project expertise providing vetted tech talent on an hourly basis from Outsoft or longer-term software development teams on an outstaffing model with significant cost savings. In each case, the cost per project is not only cheaper but available much more rapidly and on-demand when compared to the traditional hiring process.

partnership benefits

As a Partner, You’ll Get Resources and Support you need to succeed:

  • Guaranteed Supplemental Revenue - every client referral is worth up to 10% of the project, regardless of the contract value or project duration.
  • Free Software Development Consulting - free software development hotline to ensure that you and your customers can get the answers you need.
  • Marketing Tools and PR - marketing collateral for your use along with offline and online PR to leverage brand awareness and help you engage prospects and attract new audiences for your service or solution.
  • Co-Branded Business Development - joint participation in tech industry events aimed at making your business grow.

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