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Software Testing and Quality Assurance

Software bugs cost businesses tens of billions of dollars each year. More than a third of these costs could have been avoided had software been tested better.

Whether testing is integrated into your software development process or the testing function is separate from the development team, let us help you improve the software process and product by supplementing your team with various testing team member roles. The value of our service is a fully examined code as well as execution of that code in all foreseeable environments.

Our testing team has helped numerous clients get to market much faster, with better quality product. Feel free to explore how you can get access to this under-appreciated asset consisting of our experience providing the next generation testing services support and expertise.

Software Testing Areas

Outsoft’s software testing and quality assurance services are compatible with a variety of software development processes and methods that conform to CMMI model. We assist companies in every area of testing, whether with a fully functional software development team or a single role such as a test analyst, test designer, tester, automation developer, test administrator, etc.

  • Functional TestingFunctional testing works best for product with well documented features and business processes or when testers are a part of the development team. Testing specific actions and functions of the code is best suited for manual testing, although we have had fruitful experience combining manual testing with certain automated approaches.
  • Non-Functional TestingWe offer a variety of non-functional testing services that push the limits of testability, scalability, maintainability, usability, performance and security under certain constraints. This type of testing is great when you seek to determine the breaking points of your software code. Software resilience tested in this way truly reflects the quality of your product code.

Testing and Quality Assurance Methodologies

Our testing and quality assurance methodologies follow those of our clients’ software development teams. Our test teams are most experienced with the Agile software development methodology, but ultimately are fluent in the most common coding practices.

  • Agile TestingAgile methodology for testing is closely synchronised with the development and constantly adapts to changes in software development. The short release cycles help minimize risks, but each release must be tested rigorously during every cycle. The principles that prioritize frequent communication and interactions over processes and tools make the tester an important part of the process throughout the entire development process. We recommend considering a dedicated tester as part of a dedicated on-site or a remote team for Agile software development methodology.
  • RAD TestingTesting when development follows the Rapid Application Development (RAD) methodology emphasizes efficiency and focus on the user interface. When software development is structured into discrete functional components, RAD testing can be easily incorporated on a project basis.
  • RUP TestingThe highly structured RUP methodology testing is best for extensively documented projects where the Inception - Elaboration - Construction - Transition development phases can be strictly followed.. Component architecture, implemented and tested in the early stages of the project. Full quality control at each stage of product development. RUP Methodology uses iteration model of software development and testing process.
  • Variations on the Waterfall TestingThe software development phases of the Waterfall model (Analysis, Design, Implementation, Verification and Maintenance) are frequently adjusted, but are also typically used in extensively documented projects. Testers can be engaged at specific intervals or as part of the development and technical specifications team throughout the project.

Testing and Quality Assurance Tools

When it comes to tools the Outsoft testing team is generally tool-agnostic, being versatile in the use of platforms and systems. For bug tracking we most frequently use Mercury Quick Test Professional, Selenium, Test Complete, WinRunner, Rational Robot and Functional Tester. For test preparation and planning we routinely work with Microsoft Project, Visio, Rational Rose, BPWin and ERWin. When it comes to the automated testing tools, we like Mercury Quick Test Professional, Selenium, Automated QA, TestComplete, WinRunner, Rational Robot and Rational Functional Tester.

Why Choose Outsoft

At Outsoft we like to think that the best remedy is prevention, so although we offer testing for all stages of product cycle we highly recommend starting with the area where the potential for savings is the greatest: prevention oriented testing. As you and your software product continue to grow, feel free to rely on our on-demand technically knowledgeable testing engineers. Feel free to contact us to learn more about our flexible project-based and long-term quality assurance and software testing engagement options.


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