Software Development

Outsoft places a special focus on providing a wide technical skillset to our customers, while retaining software developers who also offer diverse subject matter expertise.

Outsoft’s talent pool is rich and diverse, allowing us to work with a multitude of platforms and programming languages. This has allowed our software development teams to meet the targets of extensive projects of high complexity. Whether you need to fine-tune an enterprise system, update or cross-walk your legacy system or create software to resolve a specific business problem, Outsoft can help you assess your needs, plan a strategy, and implement it quickly.

Development Methodology & Project Management

The software delivery model our development teams follow are those our clients use. Having said that, we mostly favor the Agile practices that allow to ensure high adaptability, transparency and visible results delivered fast. We reinforce the qualifications of our technical specialists through partnerships with industry leaders and software development communities to continually provide our staff the latest technical documentation and educational resources.

We tailor software development methodology to your specific project goals, budget and timelines, and ensure transparency and quality by providing:

  • A dedicated project coordinator to ensure that your project team stays focused, meets deadlines and delivers up to requirements.
  • Detailed project planning and regular status updates using various communication tools such as JIRA with a Scrum-plugin, etc. so the you always have the latest information about the project’s progress.
  • Documented source code implemented in compliance with the latest industry standards, checked with automated static code analysis tools.
  • Automated testing based on unit tests or automated functional/GUI tests when needed.

We also engage an onsite project manager for a long-term project upon request.

.Net / C# Stacks

Outsoft’s .NET competency counts several years of project experience with .NET and C# technology stacks. We have been a Microsoft partner since inception and hold several competency certifications.

.NET / C# Technology Services
  • Rapid Application Development with .NET technologies and Visual Studio
  • Secure software infrastructure for .NET web applications
  • Rich user experience web app development (Web 2.0 and Silverlight)
  • Application integration via web services, SOA and WCF
  • Application upgrades to newer versions of the .NET platform
  • Porting of VB and Java code to .NET
.NET / C# Development Approach And Tools

For customers who prefer the Microsoft technology infrastructure we use Microsoft Visual Studio and MS TFS as part of the Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) solution comprising tools, processes, and guidance for the entire team for:

  • integrated collaboration and communication
  • software quality assurance at every step of an application lifecycle
  • monitoring of project activities and priorities

Java Stack

Outsoft’s teams of Java software developers, many of whom are Certified Java professionals, offer experience within the suites of Java Standard, Enterprise and Mobile technologies.

Java Technology Services
  • Distributed cross-platform multi-tiered enterprise application development
  • Legacy re-engineering and software porting to the Java platform
  • Software integration with open standards (SOAP, REST, XML-RPC, ebXML)
  • Desktop and web app development on Java and open source frameworks
Java Development Approach And Tools

Outsoft uses the industry standard set of open-source and commercial tools that ensure effective implementation and testing of Java software:

  • IDEs: Eclipse, IDEA
  • Version Control: Subversion, CVS, ClearCase, GIT
  • Unit Testing: jUnit, Cobertura, Mockito.
  • Static Code Analysis: CheckStyle, FindBugs, PMD
  • Build and Continuous Integration: Hudson/Jenkins, Ant, Maven, CruiseControl
  • Functional Automated Testing: Selenium, Fitness
  • Issue and Bug Tracking: Atlassian Jira, GreenHopper for Agile

PHP / LAMP Stack

Outsoft’s team of PHP software developers are available for any part of or the complete cycle of PHP development helping deliver fast, robust and cost-effective web based software product.

PHP / LAMP Technology Services
  • Web applications (MVC pattern) and rich GUI web applications (JQuery, Dojo, JSON, CSS + PHP/MySQL)
  • Cloud computing (Amazon Web Services, Amazon API, Google API)
  • Component development, re-design and implementation of Web 2.0 features (Joomla, Drupal, Wordpress, Magento)
  • Third party application integration (XML, SOAP, REST)
  • Legacy code re-engineering, migration to PHP
  • Product support and maintenance, migration to latest PHP versions
PHP / LAMP Development Approach And Tools

Outsoft’s PHP development team works with proven approaches to development, testing, configuration and release management using:

  • IDEs: Eclipse, NetBeans
  • Version Control: SVN, CVS
  • Unit Testing: PHPUnit
  • Automated functional testing: Selenium
  • Automated code inspection & analysis: phpLOC, phpCPD, phpCS, pDepend, phpMD
  • Issue & Bug tracking: Mantis, Jira, MS SharePoint
  • Continuous Integration & Delivery: Hudson, Phing, Apache Ant

.Net / C# Stacks

Java Stack

Development Methodology & Project Management

PHP / LAMP Stack

Why Outsoft

Outsoft’s software development professionals cover all or part of the full development cycle, including business analysis, architecture design, project management, software implementation, testing and quality assurance. No matter the engagement type we always share a common goal: to deliver top quality code in the most cost-efficient way. Our development team is one of the most capable and well versed in a number of technology stacks and subject matter areas.


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