Outsoft creates custom web applications, customizes web content management platforms and systems, creates multi-channel publishing solutions and enhances digital asset management systems using powerful, standards-based development technology. Our software developers bring varied experience with platforms ranging from LAMP (Linux/Apache/MySQL/PHP) to MS.NET to Java/J2EE solutions.

Whether your online presence needs to be expanded to additional channels, requires better integration with back office or enterprise systems or you are looking to create a new digital media property, Outsoft’s project managers are ready to offer you a technical plan based on your desired outcomes.


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Web Programming Languages and Technologies

In addition to predefined platforms and content management systems, Outsoft also offers customization and custom development based on the most frequently used languages and frameworks, such as AngularJS, ASP.NET, Flex, PHP, MySQL, AJAX, JAVASCRIPT, SOAP, XML, HTML, HTML5, jquery, RoR, FLASH, XHTML, HTML 5 and CSS3. Outsoft offers software developers in these technologies. No customer is too small and no website is too complex for our software developers.


PHP is one of the most popular general-purpose scripting languages widely used in web development. Used on more than 244 million websites and hosted on over 2.1 million web servers, it powers everything from personal blogs to the most trafficked websites in the world.


Networks of IoT devices are notorious for generating large quantities of data very quickly, increasing the need for better data indexing, storage and processing. The more dynamic, heterogeneous, imperfect, unprocessed, unstructured and real-time data cannot be effectively evaluated in the same way as the typical business data is usually handled, demanding a much more sophisticated, IoT-specific analytics algorithms for pattern recognition, event classification, behavior/routine learning and anomaly detection, activity recognition, object tracking clustering to make this data meaningful.

This is where specialized analytics software solutions can help uncover insights, generate actionable new information that had been previously not possible to obtain, monitor complex environments, make more accurate predictions and optimize business processes and operations.

Outsoft helps solve the key problems in IoT analytics, data management and visualization saving the time, expertise and expense of building the components themselves. Let us help increase product value and enable applications that integrate easily with existing sensors, network infrastructure and end-user applications, delivering additional context and value to the end user.


Improve web content accessibility on all device types, provide more flexibility, control and speed to your web properties with the keystone web technologies, HTML and CSS. Trust the experience of Outsoft’s HTML/CSS and HTML5 developers to keep your digital assets readily available for the changing way people are using the web.


Not only Yelp, YouTube, Pinterest use Python widely, but also many other businesses choose the easily extensible and highly scalable programming language for projects of all sizes where performance efficiency and scalability are key. Outsoft’s Python developer network gives us access to Python developers experienced with the proven and latest third party tools built for the most common operating systems and environments.


Cross-platform multimedia products for web browsers, mobile phones and other hardware devices often source their FLASH software development resources at Outsoft. Flash software developers for projects that rely on live video broadcasting and teleconferencing, games based on fast graphic filters and advanced math calculations, interactive advertising and other interactive media can all be found at Outsoft.

Ruby-on-Rails (RoR)

With an estimated 600,000 web sites, including some of the largest ones like Hulu and Shopify running on Ruby on Rails, RoR is a proven agile and scalable full-stack ecosystem for the web. Outsoft’s community of Ruby on Rails is available for building web applications from the ground up to resolving architectural problems of application configuration, building scripts, optimizing workflows and web tiers, etc. Development on Ruby saves time and is well suited for Agile development, a popular methodology at Outsoft.

Web Content Management Platforms and Systems

Outsoft’s software developers are familiar with the leading web content management systems that allow non-technical staff to manage complex web publishing and content curation tasks via a user-friendly interface. From product selection to implementation to training and support, we will work with you to create a web content management system that is flexible enough to offer expanded functionality and can grow with your business.


Although Magento is often thought of as a CMS, this open source ecommerce platform is only suited for online stores. As a result, Magento backend architecture and front end templates are already predefined, but can be modified to a greater extent as compared to alternative ecommerce platforms. Magento store functionality can be extended with the help of thousands of custom plugins and extensions that add features and integrate the store processes into most ERP system workflows.


Joomla is one of the most popular open source CMS currently available. With a community of over 200,000 users and contributors this PHP and MySQL based platform provides access to a set of tools and components that allow to create sophisticated and integrated web properties.


The Drupal content management system is geared towards creating large and scalable web properties. Because indexing and content tagging is paramount within systems that hold large volumes of data, Drupal is the most SEO-friendly platform with an extensive feature set and a taxonomy system that allows one to organize and tag content.


Having originated as an open source blogging platform, WordPress has evolved into a de-facto default web content management system (CMS) for websites of every kind. While WordPress can still be used to create simple blogs, the platform’s also allows to create fully functional corporate, multimedia and e-commerce websites from a growing set of plugins and extensions.

Web Programming Languages and Technologies

Web Content Management Platforms and Systems

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